Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Minutia of the Day: Black-eyed Susan girl.

The most famous political ad of all time is the Daisy Girl ad put out by Johnson in 1964. The ad was actually titled "Peace, Little Girl" as the name Daisy Girl probably wouldn't have occurred to the makers of the ad because the flower in question is actually a Black-eyed Susan. At least according to Birgitte Olsen the woman (then girl) in the ad.

OLSEN: I don't remember that. To me it was a big field with daisies, you know? Actually, I remember it not being daisies, but Lazy Susans (Editor's Note: We assume that Ms. Olsen meant to say "Black Eyed Susans"), you know—the yellow with the...

CONELRAD: But everyone called it the Daisy ad.

OLSEN: Yea. I always wondered about that later because I remembered distinctly what kind of flower it was (laughs).

You can actually also count the pedals if you ignore the girl counting, I counted 11.

Also, her sister (Annette) was Susan Spotless. Every litter bit hurts.

So now in political discussions about the ad, you can have something so obscure to mention that you clearly have analyzed every little bit of minutia about the ad... you must be brilliant. Now all you need are friends who bring up 60s political ads.

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