Friday, August 29, 2008

On theology and skepticism.

In response to the suggestion that theology is a progression like that of science.

Evaluation of data and understanding of how we should review that data is a critical step to insure that we have as many true beliefs as possible and as few false beliefs as possible. That's where the idea of rationality, science, and skepticism come in and why I took so much offense to your silly suggestion that theology is as legitimate of a progression as those enjoyed by science. It is the epistemological foundation to a rational worldview that makes anything in our human experience able to advance at all. It is this progression towards truth by excluding the more wrong, an intellectual honesty and accepting what we might not want simply because it is reasonable to believe that it is true.

That makes skepticism and science accurate. No amount of theology is every going to build the internet, the computer, powergrids or spacestations because it doesn't go anywhere. It is, what creationists accuse of evolution, a powerless bit of random waffling in no particular direction. Within science and skepticism much like in real evolution our ideas are tested and refined within the reality of the universe rather than the hobgoblins of imaginary physics.

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