Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My aunt is kind of creepy.

My cousin's (mothers-sister-daughter) children were ill cared for by her for a number of reasons. Strings were pulled and requests made to get them into a Mooseheart which to be properly cared for and frankly it was a good fit to be sure especially considering the neglect. Now, my cousin calls up and my aunt answers and they start talking... this is where it got creepy.

She (my cousin, mothers-sisters-daughter-daughter) wanted to read the Golden Compass (my aunt didn't know about the internet story that it was a book about killing God) and sufficed it to know there were spirit animals which were notably unholy and that my cousin should is being fooled by Satan and that she has a good mind (which she should never ever use) and should ask herself "What would Jesus do?" (attack the book seller with a homemade whip clearly) and should because of "her beliefs" should ask where Jesus is in everything she does. Talk about creepy. I think the talk went to Harry Potter as she asked where they went to learn magic or something and my aunt suggested that all magic was evil, used for evil, and *REAL*. Most parents who worried about Harry Potter leading their kids to Satanism read the books and became fans themselves.

For what it's worth certainly some schooling is better than none but it is creepy. My grandfather was a Moose and my mother and aunt attended the school. I was once told that they use to hold the prom of the school in the moose lodge but stopped after the school became desegregated and the lodges are white male only.

Now, I'm all creeped out. If you want a shower of good vibes here's a TIME article about men getting all attached to their daughters vaginas.

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