Thursday, July 17, 2008

British TV is not mediocre.

Somehow in my years of TV watching I've observed a few trends. British TV is rarely mediocre. Either they comedies are amazingly funny like Coupling or they aren't like everything else. Either the Dramas are good like Spooks or they aren't like other shows. The shows are either really really good or really really bad. BBC has a new show called Bonekickers which since I had the bad sense to watch, and haven't blogged in a short while, I feel inclined to share. It's horrible. I mean wow. The first episode had them hunting down the cross of Jesus. I mean, that crap alone is enough to make you wince. That doesn't even cover the odd evangelical preacher and the kids he's brainwashed into being faith-warriors and hunting down and killing people... like some Muslim student who said that you probably shouldn't pull swords on people for no good reason... and it ends in a giant underground fire burning up all the different Crosses of Jesus. Zounds!

"There is always something down there," says serious but sexy archaeologist Dr Gillian Magwilde (Julie Graham) at the start of the new digger drama Bonekickers.

"Oh no there isn't," she should be told.

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