Sunday, July 6, 2008

Forecast sites seem to agree... the presidential race is boring right now.

I'm a big fan of and okay with both of which have Obama holding strong in polling at 300-330 ish range. The predictions hasn't changed much and as far as McCain goes he doesn't seem to have much of a message as of yet.

I watched this Republican Spot like three times and I'm still confused as to how stupid I'm suppose to be. Zounds, alternative energy and drilling, caring about climate change and drilling, an ineffective suggestion of a gas tax and drilling... and Obama... that bastard opposes drilling. We might find 20 million barrels of oil or something! That could have zero impact on the price of gasoline for a decade... and massive impact on our shores for a long time.

With the price of oil at present. It's going to start being cost effective to slant drill ANWR soon. 7 billion barrels of oil at 200 a barrel is 1.4 trillion dollars.

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