Thursday, July 17, 2008

Atheist Social Networking Site?

PZ mentioned it (Atheist Nexus), but I need me an Atheist Anti-Social Networking Site.*

* I should probably have a policy against making an entire post for one joke.

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Anonymous said...

Ought oh, Looks like the atheist sites are loaded with lonely dudes and NO girls. Sorta dead on arrival, is too bad.... I imagine everyone is on You Tube. Everyone there is like so young, I had to close my account. The babysitting thing just wasn't my style. If there is a mythological god absent of the spinning ball in the milky way he sure has attracted a lot of people. Jesus disciples refused to believe without any evidence so why should anyone else. Thomas refuse to believe Jesus raised from the dead without evidence, without evidence he said he would never believe. Unlike most atheist I was forced to go to church so I know about the sword against infidelity, a very sad retardation. Well DUDES! It is a war for your minds. And maybe your girlfriends. :)