Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ellen Johnson caught hording atheist gold.

Like all previous presidents of American Atheists, Ellen Johnson was a gold hoarder (see: O'Hair). Though this reason is being kept quiet out of profound respect.

I highly respected Ellen Johnson but was never really that impressed with anything she did. However, I did get a little impressed to read that the statement was written by Frank Zindler the acting president. I know of Frank and have actually been impressed by his work. I highly recommend reading Jesus Loves The Little Zygotes.

The oddest thing about the entire thing is that I was actually informed about this by David Mabus who constantly spams a number of boards and emails with claims about Nostradamus stopping Randi's Million Dollar Challenge. Well, his latest bout of spam included that Nostradamus also forced Ellen Johnson out of her job.


trog69 said...

Good morning, Tatarize.

I clicked the links you provided, but I don't find anything about Johnson's 'gold fever'. It's certainly not a big deal; Just curious where the info is from.

I just can't wait for DavidMabus' Newsletter to come out! ("'s the same crap as last month!")

Tatarize said...

Nostradamus must have volumes to write about it. The gold hording is a joke based off some vile rumors about O'Hair that ended up getting her killed.