Friday, May 9, 2008

Idea of The Day: Outlaw 50+ Abortions.

In the trend the right has in attempting to undercut and undermine a woman's right to choose the anti-choice crowd should seek to pass a law limiting the number of abortions a women can have to 50. This will serve several major functions for their crusade to control the wombs of people attached to said wombs.

First: As the law would probably never kick in, nobody would have standing to challenge the law.

Second: It would require tracking of abortions to make sure women haven't reached their quota. Can you say scare tactic?

Third: The support for the cause would be considerably eroded due to the high quota. Honestly, you're protecting woman who has had 50 abortions. FIFTY! Rather than a protection of all women and an argument about body sovereignty and medical choices it makes the pro-choice folks seem like they really want her to have that fifty-first abortion.

The current wedge of focusing on late-term abortions is a disaster as most are conducted for medical reasons on non-viable fetuses or those due to kill off their mothers. The pro-life people are forced to lie their asses off to pretend that isn't the case.

My law would be unchallengeable, seem absurdly trivial, and serve to start eroding Roe v Wade. Whereas I am a firm supporter of a woman's right to choose and moreover support infanticide in a number of situations (not to directly equate the two) I think from an idea point of view this law is pure gold.

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