Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Below The Even I Can Do That Math Threshold.

After squeaking out a win in Indiana and getting trounced in North Carolina Hillary Clinton now has a new problem. The media isn't abusing Occam's Dildo anymore. It is not longer giving the titillating glimmers of hope to the campaign from several days ago. Given the choice between favoring the theory that due to sheer obviousness Obama now has it pretty much sewn up and Hillary Clinton has a shot "can she do it?" -- They are now dropping the much more infotaining choice mandated by Occam's Dildo (which the new media uses regularly).

Clinton now needs 324.5 out of 487.5 remaining delegates to win, or 66.5% of the remaining delegates. Yesterday she only would have needed 59% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. That said the media loosing interest in pretending there's fight left in the old girl yet and she's on the ropes but gaining momentum seem to be fading.

Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic Nominee for President.

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