Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If God is Dead, Who Gets His House.

New York Magazine has a pretty good article on atheism and atheist churches, a pretty good read.

Update: Classic comment.

Theology teaches us that the purest "proof" of God exists in our relationships to one another, specifically in the form of communities, and, ideally, the world-community as a whole. The idea that atheists are somehow "independent" is of course silly. We, the species, depend upon one another in every single aspect of our lives. It's what makes us different from the animals. If, as seems to be the case, we are animals who build churches and worship a common good - call it what you will - why so much resistance to the idea that love is the universal standard, and that the greatest, universal love is God? Call me crazy (and they will) but it seems to me the atheists want to have their cake and eat it too - they want all the good stuff of religion - morality, meaningfulness, etc - without having to name or examine the standard by which they determine anything to be "good." But, as a theist, I'm obviously stupider than they, and so will keep my sheep-like mouth shut.

So silly. Atheism is not a philosophy or a paradigm or a worldview: it is the absence of belief. Good luck with forming a "movement" out of that.

ADUDE: Your examples of the "good stuff of religion": morality, meaningfulness, etc make me laugh. Religidiots take their cues from God Allsmitey, whether they're burning witches, rousting out Jews, or flying airplanes into buildings. Some morality!

Also your promise to keep your ovine mouth shut -- AFTER you've blathered your hooey -- suggests a Christian-level of stoopidity.

Religidiots take their cues from God Allsmitey! That line alone made it all worth my time, so stolen!

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