Sunday, April 6, 2008

Silly judgment against Phelps going forward

A while back the father of a soldier, who died in Iraq, sued and won a judgment against the Phelps family for picketing their funeral. Now a judge has issued a lien on their church and law offices.

This should not only be reversed the Snyders should probably be hit with a lot of lawyer fees (which the Phelps all being lawyers are going to make a lot on). You can't sue somebody for doing something perfectly legal on public property. Not only legal but protected by the first amendment as the most protected form of free speech.

Sure, the Phelps are horrible little trolls but that doesn't make them wrong. They are perfectly within their rights and their actions are absolutely legal. Suing them because you later saw some picket signs on the news is beyond silly.

(via Pandagon)

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