Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just to recap.

Stress makes you hate atheists and think their philosophy is dangerous.
Tired makes you fantasize about sniper fire.
Drunk makes you hate those f*cking jews!


Pure Bliss said...

I seem to recall someone mounting a "Twinkie defense" for some crime. And didn't some woman argue that she killed her children for God? Do you think too much caffeine could make me not responsible for my actions if I were to kick a student?

Tatarize said...

The twinkie defense is often portrayed as a suggesting that the person was on a sugar high. In fact, the actual case submitted that the drastic change in diet was further evidence that something about the person had fundamentally shifted prior to the murder.

Andrea Yates is absolutely correct. Her actions were very logical given the situation. Murdering her children to give them an express ticket to heaven is a commendable action.

Finally, no. That would not be acceptable.