Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mike Huckabee, the rubes are taking over the Republican Party.

How odd. The idea to bring the religious into the Republican party was a pretty easy one. If you want a ready group of voters who don't need evidence and are pretty much a ready made pot of buying whatever bullshit you offer, the religious right are a pretty obvious group. So don't use big words, give them a few kick backs, and pay lip service to God, and here and there change your foreign policy to fit with their end times mythos. However, the Republican party is in such complete disarray that they rubes are the most powerful group.

That's right, Huckabee is actually soring. He doesn't dress like a women, believe the native Americans are a lost tribe of Israelites, hug the person whose campaign accused of fathering a black baby, or get laughed off stage... Mike Huckabee, he's actually as crazy as he claims.

The point of the Republican Party is to have a party which, gives lots of money to the rich and keeps the troughs filled... they have to con a few rubes to do it, but the rubes are suppose to stay rubes.

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