Thursday, December 13, 2007

Once Saved Always Saved / Queen

So checking out the About Agnosticism/Atheism forum (which I frequent) somebody noted that there's a site called I registered up and decided to debate: My first debate was that if you are Once Saved Always Saved as an element of Christian doctrine. I argued point #2 of Five Point Calvinism, that you are elected by God to be saved. And thus you are not saved until your dead and saved. Thus, as salvation is forever and you can only get it once. I win. Well I should win, my debating skill was pretty clearly superior as were my arguments.

It was kind of funny. At the end he said I was an atheist and shouldn't be allowed to argue or something. Classic.

I then accepted a debate that Queen was not easily the most popular and influential band in the history of the post-Beatle era. I tried. But it's like arguing that 2+2=5. After I finished my arguments, I voted for the Pro side.

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