Friday, August 10, 2007

Quakers, the heroes of our species, apparently have more to recommend them...

Quakers whose anti-slavery stance during (and after and today) the debate over ratification of the constitution gave the Godly Christians shivers reserved today for the likes of the most vile of cults. A widely published article in 1788 told of the terrors we might face if the secular constitution were ratified with this "no religious test clause" intact. With many state governments specifically having these tests, it's certainly a nice that the founding fathers specifically restricted them in the federal government (Christian Nation indeed).

In any event, the article in question listed all of the vile people who could get elected (as quoted Isaac Kramnick and R. Laurence Moore, The Godless Constitution),

1st. Quakers, who will make the blacks saucy, and at the same time deprive us of the means of defence - 2dly. Mahometans, who ridicule the Trinity - 3dly. Deists, abominable wretches - 4thly. Negroes, the seed of Cain - 5thly. Beggars, who when set on horseback will ride to the devil - 6thly. Jews etc. etc.

My goodness... those vile Quakers they will make the blacks saucy!

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