Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Christian Science Monitor

Oddly enough when I first heard the name Christian Science Monitor, I took it with a grain of salt. After looking a bit more, it became quickly apparent that they were real news. Seems a bit odd for something that Monitors Science by 'Christians', usually the only time Christians distinguish themselves from science is to undermine it as, *gasp*, unchristian. Although there were some science articles, it seemed by and large just run of the mill news.

Later, I actually learned a bit about it. I had it all wrong! It wasn't the Christian "Science Monitor" -- it was the "Christian Science" Monitor. Oddly enough it's founded by that "prayer rather than medicine" group. And later distinguished itself as a real news place and didn't change the name.

Weird. The group so odd Mark Twain wrote an entire book about it, runs (or at the least founded) a good news organization. Likewise he dedicated a chapter to Mormonism and now they own Utah.

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