Sunday, August 19, 2007

Praise Bob!

Rev. Magdalen (Rachel Bevilacqua) got her son back. For those of you not familiar with the case, Rev. Magdalen is part of the Slack the Church of the Subgenius a sort of parody religion, with more humor than direct parody. In any event, during the custody hearing, her involvement with the group was brought up, to which the judge noted that it was "obviously so not true from anybody who's looking at it from any normal perspective" and she was "mentally ill" and a "pervert." -- Referring to her X-Day activities.

This would be akin to losing your child because you attended Ren Faires, meaning you are a vile Luddite, a drunken debauchery-seeking hooligan and having all your parental rights stripped.

Sadly though, she wasn't given her child back because the judge (Judge Punch) was a flaming idiot who never should have made such idiotic claims and taken her child away, in principle for atheism and mocking religion in a fun and interesting way. No! She got her son back because the upstanding citizen who the judge gave her child to, got drunk and ran into a wall and now faces 11 years in jail.

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