Monday, June 18, 2007

Odd fact of the day: Blood horoscopes

If you've ever thought it was downright silly to vaguely judge people by their month they were born and assign some kind of freak power on to that information. You should know that other countries judge other things as important. In Japan, they have blood horoscopes. Blood type is often highly advertised and thought to convey significant information about a person:

...those with type A blood tend to be reserved, punctual, and law-abiding, while type Os tend to be more outgoing, passionate, and driven; it is for this reason they are often considered "warrior" spirits. Type Bs are said to be loners and self-sufficient, as "hunters," while ABs are said to be serious and solitary by nature.

Apparently my B- blood makes me a hunter. As well as a good cook. At least blood type does actually have some significance in some aspect of a person's life unlike freak time a person is born. It seems like a very bad day for AB+ people as the blood bank is really low on supply and would have to give you any other type of blood.

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Alter Ego said...

Yeah, it's quite interesting. The funny thing is it applies to me (not that I believe in it). Then again, these things are really vague so it does tend to cover a lot of people.