Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kyle X, Why?

As a guilty pleasure I watch the ABC family series Kyle XY. It's mostly crap, but some of it is interesting. Well, this new season involves some "explanations" which well, do no justice to anything. Kyle, born without a belly button has some amazing abilities including memory and speed and a few other fun quirks. Though, a bit silly at times were vaguely understandable.

So they decided to explain why. Kyle XY was grown in an artificial womb for longer than a typical because Einstein did some experiments and said that it was his long gestation period that resulted in his intellect. He gave up later, but his work was continued by some secretive cabal. Now Kyle's creator was the result of this cabal's plan and was born after 14 months in the womb. Kyle spent the better part of 18 years in an artificial one. Designed by this previous iteration of.

Now, where the hell do I start. First off Einstein was a healthy baby born on time and probably has Asberger's syndrome (form of autism). He didn't do secret stuff in biology he was a physicist, and a pretty good one. He was no Newton but he was damned smart. Now, development of children's brains is done by 9 months and more time isn't going to do anything. Oh, and did I mention that Kyle's creator can move things with his mind. Oh... ah... What the hell! Sorry I can't be more articulate about the problems with the plot, they are so many I can hardly enumerate them.

Elephants must be supergeniuses!

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