Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Computer

So I bought a new computer... it's hot. In fact, it's on fire now. Or so I am lead to believe. I bought the lowest mhz Brisbane core (3600+ X2) processor I could find. And bought a nice feature ridden motherboard Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe. It turns out the overclocking ability on the motherboard is impressive to say the least. It won't freeze until I put the 1.9 ghz up to 2.7 ghz (9.5 x 285), with stock fan and voltage. Now, this is fine and good, save the issue that nothing can properly tell me the temp of my processor. The Asus program claims it's 45C right out of the gate (leaving it off until it hits room temp and turning it on and checking the BIOS). Other programs claim it's icy when I can touch the heatsink and burn myself.

Long story short, I just clocked it at 2.2 and uninstalled all the reading programs. Either it's going to be fine, or it is going to melt down. I hate not really knowing. Guess it gets to sit, running Genetic Programs in a tiny black box in a hot room in Southern California. Hopefully it'll force a bunch of reboots if it's crazy off heat wise.

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