Friday, June 18, 2010

RL moved, also burnt my computer to death.

I somehow thought it was okay to leave my computer in direct sunlight for a while. Admittedly it might have been the jiggling drive across town and the very large heat sink on my system, or that I left the black case in 100 degree F (38C) heat in direct sunlight. In any event my system refuses to turn on when I press the power button though it gets lights on the motherboard when there's power to be had, but it kind of sits there like I didn't just press the power button when I press the power button.

In any event, that's likely why I have very few blog entries in the last week or so.


Sparrowhawk said...

What kind of motherboard is it? If your computer is custom built, I'd check the warranty on the components, starting with the motherboard. If the motherboard is still under warranty, send that sucker in. Some weird stuff can happen. I had a hell of a time with my computer. Somehow the BIOS chip came loose right when I upgraded some stuff. I assumed it was the new stuff, but I must have done something weird when installing parts.

Tatarize said...

Oddly that didn't occur to me. I always warranty harddrives that are under warrenty, but it doesn't occur to me to do other components. It might be old enough not to qualify but worth checking into. I'm pretty sure the problem is that I didn't lay the computer down when I moved it so it had a jiggling 1kg aftermarket heat sink there to break things perhaps.

Tatarize said...

It has a three year warranty from the manufacturer and I bought it three years and ten days ago. Though the three years is based on the serial number print and I don't think I kept the box.

Worth a try. I know somebody who fished a 50 inch TV out of somebody elses trash and returned it to the manufacturer for a replacement.