Sunday, April 11, 2010

Near Death Experiences are not Death Experiences.

It turns out it's probably CO2 overdose rather than O2 deprevation that causes NDEs. But still the obvious problems that there is a rather central fallacy at the center of NDE claims. Mainly that near death experiences are like almost-death experiences, so death is like an NDE only longer and stranger and grander. That isn't very likely. When an electronic device is damaged and starts sparking all over the place is it proper to conclude that a completely broken electronic device is a massive fire or bigger sparks? No. The the damaging and sparking go away and it ceases to function. Why people claim that death is like when your brain is very damaged and throwing sparks and crazy things around only more escapes me. The far more likely conclusion is that brains go a bit wonky when they aren't given proper air.

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