Friday, January 15, 2010

Science and the Koran.

There's a lot of fun things with apologetics. One common tactic of Muslim apologists is treating the stuff the Koran says as some sort of Bible code (go figure). The Koran says:

[Quran 32.5] (Allah) Rules the cosmic affair from the heavens to the Earth. Then this affair travels to Him a distance in one day, at a measure of one thousand years of what you count.

And then calculating the difference between one light day to the amount the moon moves in a thousand years we find that the the two numbers only differ by 12%. Only 12% off for some random things made up and taken out of and moved around and twisted to mean bizarre things. Well in a page on such apologetics I uncovered this gem:

The Quran says that angels use these wormholes to reach any place in the universe.

Lol. That is all.

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