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Gospel of Clark Kent

The Gospel of Clark Kent.
Jorely the 47th , 1739 After Superman
September 16th, 4005 Common Era

We have all heard of the story of the Holy Trinity, Superman, Clark Kent, and Kal-El who are both the same and different aspects of our eternal protector. We all know the story of His death to save all mankind and His resurrection. He gave his life to prevent Doomsday from destroying all of humanity. His powers were manifest. He came to protect us from ourselves. He came down from the Heavens to deliver us from the evils of the universe. And yet, a number of nonbelievers have attempted to spread their villainous lies to undermine our faith and expose us all to the Kryptonite of supervilliany.
I shall list some of the arguments lodged against our faith, as well as show the truth to these nonbelievers.

If Superman is all-powerful and all-good why is there still evil in the world.
From time to time, evil defeats itself so as long as there is some it's best to have some more. So long as one evil party is counteracted with another we won't feel the full effect. Secondly, nowhere in the Action Histories does it say that Superman is actually all-powerful. He has a lot of power, He can travel through time and fly through the Sun, but the Scriptures never say that He could simply blink all evil out of existence.

There is no historical evidence outside of scriptures that Smallville or Metropolis existed.
This is simply a lie. A bold-faced lie. There are a number of references to Metropolis throughout literature contemporary to the Protector. There are countless references to “the Metropolis” or “a Metropolis”. As for Smallville, scriptures tells us that it was quite small. You need to understand how many small towns existed at the time. But, as we can tell it was said to be located within Kansas, which nobody denies existed. Just last year we discovered a the ruins of a small town located around central Kansas that matches the given description quite well.

Superman was no different from other Gods of the time. Batman, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash.
This is just foolish. First off, those “gods” didn't really exist. They were simply myths of the time. Several of them were simply humans with advanced technology anyhow. Not one of those Gods could fly through a Sun. There is a big difference between myth and our Good Protector Clark Kent.

Even the scriptures note that Clark Kent is really just Superman in disguise.
People who do not have Kal-El within their souls should not attempt to read the Scriptures. In a number of instances Clark Kent becomes jealous that The Holy Wife Lois Lane loves Superman. If he were actually, physically, one entity and not Triune, why would He be jealous of Himself?

We have never been attacked by any supervillian. I don't think there are any.
The Scriptures list out the all the supervillians that our Protector fought and saved us from. He gave His life to protect us from Doomsday. I don't know why you keep yourself woefully ignorant. Simply because we haven't encountered a supervillian doesn't mean they don't exist.

The story of a Man-God come from the Heaven to take human form was widespread prior to the first century AS (after superman).
The greatest trickery every performed by Lex Luthor was to convince the world that he didn't exist. The Lutherans were widespread even before Superman sent his Human form, Clark Kent, unto the world. They were simply attempting to pre-pollute the truth of the Protector with some bronze aged nonsense about somebody who couldn't even fly. As if walking on water would stop people from believing in a Man-God who can fly through the Sun. You must avoid being tricked by supervillians. You must have faith.

The time frame of the scriptures are contradictory. Some appear to be set in the 1940's (by old reckoning), where as others are as late as 2010 (by old reckoning). In each case many of the apostles from Jimmy Olsen to Lana Lang all appear to be the same age? There's no conclusion as to when they are set.
Again, you must have faith. But, as for the time frame one must note that because of the Great Protector's dense molecular structure, He would age at a different rate as others even though He Himself is in Human form.

The great prophet Nietzsche was referring to a non-existent idea of Superman rather than a protector due to come in the future.
This is the height of ignorance. Nietzsche was given unto the world by Kal-El the vision of the coming human form of Superman, Clark Kent. He told of the great struggles that would exist, and how the old religions were false and that Superman was the one true God

Other arguments against our Great protector, and they are all equally baseless. I believe in Superman, Clark Kent, and Kal-El, our holy Protector. For only He shall save us from the supervillians of this world. I believe in His Life, His death for all mankind, and His resurrection unto the world.

Yours in Superman,

Dr. Samuel David Johnson,
PhD Kryptonian Studies,
New Los Angeles.

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