Monday, March 2, 2009


Any theist who supposes that damning people to hell is an effective tactic against people who do not accept the logical precondition of hell are doomed to fallimbo.

Fallacy Limbo (or fallimbo) is a horrific place where people are doomed to be constantly bombarded with a high pressure sales pitch for Gibbiers. You are never told what they are, but you are repeatedly told that you want them, you can't see them, and it's rude to ask too much about them. But you simply must buy some! You won't have any money in Fallimbo, but the salesmen are confident that if you beg something called Yano for them, it will buy them for you. To increase the likelihood of this you should also become a salesperson.

This is truly a terrible fate, so you should avoid making such stupid claims in the future because having this befall you would be unspeakable!

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