Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1 year ago today.

Tantric master attempts to murder Sanal Edamaruku on live TV.

Having failed to do so properly initially he moves on to sacred water throwing and knife wielding.

That having failed the tantric says that he could totally kill him with this super bad ass spell he it would need to be at night. And that Sanal Edamaruku is being totally protected by the Gods he worships. Sanal says that he's an atheist and doesn't worship any Gods and he'd be glad to let the Tantric master kill him that night.

Tantric master fails to kill him that night.


Sometimes you got to love rationalism. This was actually breaking news in India. It overwhelmed all the programming and kept being pushed back with massive ratings as people waited for Sanal to die.


Also 27 years ago today... I was born.

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