Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first Vista™ Experience...

I wanted to break that fucking laptop.

Seriously, how goddamned hard is it to access the functional network with the cord hooked into you?!?! I never have to have XP or Linux do so much as hiccup. Either tell me the cable isn't giving you internet or connect you worthless piece of crap.

Wow. I'm sure it's something easy but it has an ip address and it has IPv4 support and it refuses to work. I had to stop trying because if that bubbly asshole of an OS claimed to have fixed the problem one more time, while refusing to work, I would have ended up doing hardware damage.


Knurl said...

Vista is bloatware junk designed by a total monopoly that just plain doesn't give a shit because no matter how well it does not work they'll make a billion dollars anyway (and that's while the world economy crashes).

Tatarize said...

Dude, I'm for Fuck Microsoft talk... but blaming them for destroying the worlds economy. Wow. I tip my hat to your rhetoric.