Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr. Pepper Contest

Is this what the world has come to? You can enter in long codes on a computer to re-win the same damn wall paper that you could have just googled if you wanted it... but never bothered to collect?

Shouldn't the prize be worth more than my time to type in the code? Shouldn't it be required that the overall price be greater than the price of the soda used to win said prize? What the hell kind of screwed up contest lets you win the same wallpaper (1024x768 rather than the 1680x1050 my screen runs) over and over and over again. Also, what are they making on the wallpapers? I'm sure softcoin claims that the prize is worth something and expects Dr. Pepper to pay up for costs.

What a sad state of affairs. I remember when you could look under the cap and see a new soda in contests like this. You'd look and see you won a new soda. Then you'd get another new soda. You could hear stories from people you know about winning three sodas in a row. You could expect victory and want to look under the cap. If caffeine wasn't highly addictive I'd quit drinking strictly on the poor performance of this "contest".

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