Friday, December 5, 2008

Earthquake USGS soo slow.

So an earthquake hit (really tiny) about 30 seconds ago.

Damned USGS doesn't have it on their list yet!

So slow!

They should have the information before the earthquake is over. They should text me on a cell phone before the sucker hits. Hey, your GPS says you're in a location 10 seconds away from a place getting an an earthquake and 20 seconds away from a place that had one 10 seconds ago. We think you're next. Brace Yourself.

How hard is that. Earthquakes are actually pretty slow and take a minute or two. Light goes a lot faster than that. Why can't I get told about the quake before it happens?

5.3 10 seconds,
9 seconds.
8 seconds.
7 seconds.
-- Not sure how the countdown clock would work but it's pretty minor compared to the rest.

UPDATE: Finally. That took nearly 40 seconds!


Hanna Isabella said...

Hey, I was wondering about your trivia script. I am running mIRC version 6.35 and the trivia runs with no problems, except for one - the !next command doesn't work. Do you know of a solution?

Tatarize said...

It doesn't work before the first hint.