Sunday, March 2, 2008

Atheist Experience, Youtube fame...


As far as YouTube goes it has the highest vote for any comments I've ever seen: +37
LOL! The christbot had a "DOES NOT COMPUTE!" error and switched into witch-hunt operation mode by default.

Send him back to the factory for repair. Hopefully he's still under warranty.

There are some absolute classic comments:
Listen to the words carefully at the beginning, there are no such words in the dictionary, I understand the words u stupid fuck, thats not what I said, I said most people would get caught up in his bullshit with his so called knowlege. Hed should be punched in his big fat head, maybe you should get one too!!! Asshole

To which an astute commenter replied:

Which words? Philosophical? Epistimology? Heuristic? I assure you, those are real words in the dictionary. And after using those terms, he realized that the caller didn't understand, and tried to simplify his language a bit. It's a complicated subject, though, and sometimes complicated words are necessary to talk about it.

Considering your version of English seems to mainly consist of highbrow terms such as "u stupid fuck" and "asshole", though... this might be a pointless conversation.

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