Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The atheist's wager...

Have you ever thought about what you'll say if you're wrong. If you're brought be before Allah and he asks where his Partners are? Where is this Jesus and this Holy Spirit you attributed to him? Before he casts you down into the pits of hell? Hm?

In truth, any God who sends people to eternal torture for failing to believe the exact right thing, when that right thing seems to be clearly wrong, is an evil God. According to the Bible, Gandhi is burning in hell forever for not believing this stuff. Any God that evil shouldn't be worshiped, it should be despised. Either there's justice in the universe or there isn't. The Christian God is petty and pompous and evil if he really just wants you to believe nonsense for bad reasons.

Betting that there's an evil God who sends people to be tortured based on beliefs is a bad bet. You're better off being a good person, believing true things, and helping your fellow people. If there's a God to reward you, great, bonus. If there isn't, then doing good is it's own reward.

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