Thursday, December 31, 2009

Faith doesn't answer questions.

Very true. Faith is the only option concerning things beyond our current grasp. :)

Very false. Science is the only option concerning things beyond our current grasp.

Make no mistake about this point. Things that have previously been beyond our grasp but are now within our grasp have, without fail or exception, been grasped by science. Every single thing we previously didn't understand and now do understand have come into the folds of our understanding through science.

Never once in the history of the world, in the entirety of things known and unknown, has faith every solved any problem or answered any question great or small sans evidence.

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Sparrowhawk said...

I could never spend as much time as you talking to people who say things like that.

You're exactly right, that is the entire POINT of science...that is the entire point of trying to find anything out about anything!

Honestly, what useful advances has human society gained from ONLY using "faith" to try to understand things beyond our grasp? You may MAY be able to make the case that it's done philosophical or ethical/moral things, but nothing with tangible real world applications has ever come purely from using faith to investigate anything.

Sure, a lot of scientists in the path were religious and invoked their faith a lot, but you'll note they were invoking their faith as motivation TO MAKE OBSERVATIONS. Galileo didn't turn to the Bible and find a clue to what he found out, neither did Newton or Copernicus or Keppler or anyone who's made HUGE and important advances like they have.

Ugh, so stupid it burns sometimes.