Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Science is Real


Sparrowhawk said...

Very nice...I dunno if this is directed at kids or not. I kind of get the impression that with these guys it's both adults and kids, but if it's for kids it seems maybe a tad high-brow but I dunno. I don't have kids so maybe I'm not giving them enough credit. Also...I'd love to get this, but I don't really like this band's sound. Maybe if Tool released a pro-science album I'd get it. Or...Mars Volta...but then no one would have any idea what they were talking about. Anyway, the message behind this is great. It's nice to see prominent musicians unabashedly defending science.

Anonymous said...

I like the part at the end with the kid and the telescope. Looks at the sky after all the street/city lights come on.