Friday, July 10, 2009

Sharia Law in the US?

Some trolls get butthurt = Sharia law.

"We were trolling at some place and security escorted us out. Waaa."

You know, I've seen pissed off Christian groups... they are way worse. And ofcourse the Muslims didn't want to be taped, it's against their religion. Some are more and less inclined towards having pictures of them, but it's an entirely predictable reaction.

"I tried to cast a spell on this Christian for Good Harmony and they got really mad at me? How dare they! They must hate harmony!"

Why don't I have freedom of speech on property being used lawfully as a private venue. It's the coming Apocalypse! Fear the brown people!

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Anonymous said...

Only the very fundamentalist Muslims have a problem with pictures being taken of them. This is clearly an instance where the Muslims simply didn't want to be taped. They don't have any better reason to disagree with being taped than anyone else on the planet. That said - many people do feel intimidated by having a camera tape them.

Police, for example, don't like to be videotaped, and will often attempt to bully people into shutting off the camera despite people's rights to videotape a scene.

I think this is a case where Muslims were overstepping their boundaries, and they didn't have a right to hit anyone.