Thursday, July 2, 2009

Phelps Injunction maintained.

I hope all these laws get repealed soon. It's such utter crap.

The dumbasses on Fox talking about it was just idiotic.

If you allow anybody to sell icecream 50 meters away from the funeral. You must allow them to be there. Basically if it is public property they get to protest whatever they want. BS stay away laws are absolute crap and they remind me of Bush-era Free Speech Zones.

They protest because God tells them to inform others of our impending doom of God's wrath as we are all doomed because we skirted God's law. They don't protest the funerals because of Don't Ask Don't Tell, they protest the funerals because dead soldiers, like 9/11, and any and all disasters that kill American lives are signs of God's wrath. What ignorant tools Fox has...

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