Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don't respect my beliefs for no reason.

You should not respect my belief that given any mysterious occurrence I will believe that it isn't magical or supernatural but rather natural phenomenon acting in a previously unknown way. It earns that respect by thus far in the history of mysteries being correct 100% of the time thus far. Your belief that a cosmic superman poofed everything into existence and then had to fix it later on by donning a human suit and sacrificing himself to himself, equally should not unquestioning get respect but be evaluated according to it's actual likelihood of being true.

The claim that 'I respect your beliefs, you are are being cruel by not respecting mine' is a red herring. It's patronizing and disrespectful to me. It's saying you think I would prefer to walk around believing false notions being coddled and unquestioned, more than I would want a small amount of discomfort learning that one of my beliefs is actually false and then being able to correct the notion. -- It's insulting to me to suppose I would prefer the former to the later.

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