Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas



Downlord said...

Hello there, i am using the trivia bot at jtv for the star trek channel donlord4ever, i was wondering do you have a compleet commands list maybee for me , great job on the trivia, we luve it.

we get banned dayly, if channel isnt there just ad a nr extra 027 028

Thanx man

Tatarize said...

Typically !help

Will give most all the commands. There's a few other ones that you can find in options under the last tab "commands".

Tatarize said...

!strivia !trivia !hint !join !add !report !ping !version !web !hof !hoftime !hofstreak !hofwpm !records !next !server !champ !repeat !answer !stats !state !enable !disable !themes !words !last !vowels !showteams !roundscores !op !pause !resume !promotion

Is most of the important ones.