Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Joys of the Hookah

(I don't smoke but digitizing this)


Though some may smoke segar, cheroot,
Or others' taste a pipe may suit,
They can't with thee the palm dispute,
                                             My Hookah.
When oft in boats I've been confin'd,
And ev'ry festive scene resigned,
Thou hast consol'd my drooping mind,
                                             My Hookah.
Whilst slow the pinnace seem'd to glide,
Along the Gunga's barren side,
What pleasing comfort thou supplied,
                                             My Hookah.
And when for weeks no change I've seen,
No fertile banks or meadows green,
With thee I've ne'er dejected been,
                                             My Hookah.
In gloomy jungles, where, alas!
No friend was near to quaff the glass,
Still did the hours contented pass,
                                             My Hookah.
And if the season bred disease,
From stagnant jeels or wither'd trees,
They smoke dispell'd the noxious breeze,
                                             My Hookah.
Expos'd to Sol's meridian power,
Or delug'd by the pelting shower,
Thou cheer'dst me in the gloomy hour,
                                             My Hookah.
In camps where oft untimely fell,
The valiant youth by fever's spell,
They fumes for ever kept me well,
                                             My Hookah.
From lengthen'd march the foe to meet,
Assail'd by thirst, expos'd to heat,
The conflict gain'd! I'd joyful greet
                                             My Hookah.
By arduous duty now deprest,
My strength exhausted, still no rest,
To me though then wert doubly blest,
                                             My Hookah.
Then as I sat beneath a tree,
If shade there haply chanc'd to be,
I seiz'd thy snake with extasy,
                                             My Hookah.
And now with evils still more trying,
To grieve for friends, departed, dying,
Alas! I often smok'd thee sighing,
                                             My Hookah.
The heart which can refuse a tear
For those who fall in war's career,
Can ne'er deserve thy envy'd cheer,
                                             My Hookah.
And if by chance in party dining,
Where conversation see'd declining,
I never thought of once repining,
                                             My Hookah.
But if that silence should be broke,
I did as others did, I spoke,
And then resumed thy snake to smoke,
                                             My Hookah.
Should lovely women deign partake,
A whiff or two for smoking's sake,
What odour would it give thy snake,
                                             My Hookah.
Not nectar would I wish to sip,
Allow'd that blest Munall to grip,
Which has been press'd by woman's lip,
                                             My Hookah.
If Hookahs can such pleasure give,
And smokers can such joys recieve,
Oh! let me smoke thee while I live,
                                             My Hookah.

1st, "Cheroot," an Eastern name for segar.
3d, "Gunga." the native appellation for the Ganges,
5th, "Jungle", thick forests.
6th, "Jeel," large pools formed by the rains; and from their stagnant state, rendering the neighbourhood peculiarly unhealthy.
11th, "Snake," the name given to the long flexible tube which conveys the smoke.
17th "Munall," the part applied to the mouth; made of gold, silver, or agate,

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