Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tat's Trivia Bot v. 3.66

Tat's Trivia Bot 3.7

Update: Latest Tat's Trivia Bot 3.69

Download: Tat's Trivia Bot, 3.66

The only thing this version really does is yell at you for not having your trivia directory correct. The previous version would simply die without yelling at you. This confused people considering the update in the later version of mIRC to move your mIRC directory from the program files directory to somewhere in your user applications directory. There's no real substantive changes beyond making it properly tell you your directory is wrong and blocking. But, this is apparently worthwhile because several of my very infrequent comments are, I believe, due to that quirk.


Kita Agency said...

Hit Tat, it's me safwat that ask you on your previous post (trivia bot didn't respon where everything that i type)

Tat sorry if bothering you with my trouble, but i'm still curious about your trivia bot and really want to try it, because your bot seems so cool. Maybe the error persist because i test your bot not in the mirc, but in the BattleNet (warcraft III frozen throne PvPGN). BattleNet is using mirc base for the chat. Ussually script in mirc work as well in the BattleNet chat, but some script can't, and have to add command /raw before ussual script. Eg: /raw op .

Is it possible because of itu the trouble persist? if i have to put /raw in the script, where should i put it?

i'm very sorry if make you inconvenient with all my silly questions :)

Tatarize said...

Battlenet doesn't use IRC. It can be filtered through a local loop to connect to the server and convert the typical battlenet server commands into IRC for use with mIRC, but somebody would have needed to finish that program. I looked into writing it at one point, decided it was possible but a lot of work, and gave up. It's entirely possible that the triggering in the script is done completely differently or that it translates the communications rather than converts it in a localhost loop.

It is entirely possible that the script suffers from some minor issue in the conversion. The personal use of the bot might be somewhat exclusive. It likely is the cause. But, do try to control the bot from another connection. Like connect once with the bot and get somebody else to type !trivia in the channel. It might be the input trigger that suffers.

Also, there is no way to do colored chat. There are a few conversion things for MSN and other non-IRC based networks that cannot translate colors. Rather, when a colored text message is offered it is rather completely stripped. Try to run the bot without any colors. Go into Trivia Settings, Default, and de-check the "Colors" box. There's some chance that the coloring of the bot might make it seem like it's doing nothing when really it's running but all the text is being stripped.

-- I use to get a few hundred emails a day. One message every couple months is far from an inconvenience.

richard said...

Thanks for sharing this bot, I recently configured one for a movie trivia channel, and glad to report it's working for mirc v7.29. I was wondering if there's a way to randomize the questions, I noticed they go in order by default. Is my only option editing the text file on a daily/weekly basis? Thanks

Tatarize said...

It should be randomized by default. It's very hard to make the bot go in order. It randomizes as a matter of course.

Kindly doublecheck. It can just seem non-random over the short term, especially with a small file. But frankly an ordered ask is a pretty hard thing to setup. Random has since the first version been the way it works.

richard said...

Thank you Tatarize, I must have been tired while testing, it does in fact randomize the questions...this bot is wonderful :D

bonghits02 said...

Damn man, I'm still not getting it. Been playing with this for over an hour, and it loads just fine, but does absolutely nothing. Only the OK and cancel buttons work on the settings. Do I need MSL runtime files or something? No matter what I input into the settings window, nothing stays. If I click the Trivia Dir button in the settings, nothing happens. Can't add channels. Wits end.

Tatarize said...

Is the settings file giving you a proper error message? Like unable to access the file or something. In theory you could run it from a directory that like Windows 7 doesn't have permissions for and it couldn't save the settings if you installed it strangely.

Tatarize said...

At the end I'm sure it's not the bot, but rather something to do with permissions in the OS you are running. It isn't saving the settings because it can't write to the file. And I'm not sure why.

If you are running like windows 7 or something you might be able to right click when you run mIRC and run as root or something.

Not sure what's doing it, but it's almost certainly permissions in the mircdir.

try a couple things like
//echo .. $mircdir

to know where it is, and something like:

/write hellotest.txt hello!
/run hellotest.txt

The first writes hello to hellotest.txt (likely creating the file) and the second runs the text file. Which should load up in wordpad or the default editor for them.

Anonymous said...

nice. It work and I can easily edited the question, and run well.

But Tatarize, can I upload this to my eggdrop? I try to archieve to tar.gz, but fail.


Tatarize said...

And eggdrop requires a script that an eggdrop can use. I'd recommend Bogustrivia. My script is mIRC only. Mostly by being written in mIRC script and not TCL.