Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ZOMG, an atheist blogger I've never heard of decided that a malformed question was too hard to answer and converted to Christianity.

This made the news.

There's a reason why this makes the news. It's man bites dog. Serious, religious person becomes an atheist. That happens all the time. Most atheists *ARE* former religious people. That's dog bites man. But, an atheist become Christian that's dog bites man. It's rare and it's rare for a reason. Religion (yours included) typically looks obviously wrong from the outside. So RA's conversion, or Patrick Greene's half conversion, or Flew's descent into dementia, actually gets some coverage because it's a rare enough event to care about, but only because Christianity is wrong enough to make it that rare.

In short, though this seems like a win for Christianity. The fact that it's report worthy is a failure for Christianity. It shows how rare your successes are. It's like that time when the Iraq war had zero US soldier casualties for a month. The fact that that got reported, is actually, viewed in a larger context a bad thing overall.

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