Friday, March 30, 2012

Garden of Eden, and the need for Jesus.

There are very serious problem with the story of Christianity, namely it doesn't really make any sense. With regard to Eden, why the hell are you going to put your talking/tempting snake anywhere near your magical tree or your humans not suppose to eat your magical tree? Why not plant your magical trees significantly far from your humans, like on the other side of the planet, or get this, don't even keep magical trees around at all (it's not like you need knowledge or life as God). It's not like I keep my lizard poison and my lizards in the same terrarium.

And to think, to fix this mistake God needed magical blood but only his own blood had enough magic to do it so he gave himself a body and killed it. Why did God need a magical dying and rising savior child? Well, much like propitiation by blood it was the style at the time. It isn't as if the universe would *actually* exist like this, that'd be insanely stupid. But, this is *exactly* what we would expect to come out of that region if they made up a religion. If you combine Judaism of the time with Paganism you pretty much end up with Christianity. The Jews liked them some blood sacrifice and the most popular motif in Pagan myth was the son of God and his wacky adventures. Give yourself broad appeal by adapting these much beloved plot points and you have a successful religion. However if you think about it, God no more needs magical blood than a spaceship and no more needs a dying and rising savior God-Child than the oxygen carrying molecules of a few terrestrial critters on this one dinky planet.

None of this makes sense if Christianity is true, but we should almost expect it if Christianity is false. If Christianity didn't exist, it would almost inevitably end up with some other group making up exactly such a story, so much so that the origins of Christianity are almost certain. It would be weird if somebody didn't try to mix Jewish mysticism with Pagan demigods.

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