Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why yes, Ed, there was criticism of the Erie Canal.

Just watching the Bill Maher from Friday. (I went to see the Thursday show (jokes, etc, without guests) live and really liked it.) And Ed Rendell says "We use to be a country that took challenges on! When we built the Erie Canal did anybody say 'It's too expensive' or 'it's too complex'". -- Yes. Those things were said of Clinton's Ditch. It got turned down by federal funds by Thomas Jefferson because he said the technology wasn't there and Gov. Clinton got voted out of office in part because of the idea.

Silly ass revisionist history. We don't pay attention to the criticism. I don't think criticism is worth it, when you call a moron a moron and they are a moron you get no credit. But if you call something stupid and it turns out to be a huge success and a vital economic boost for a rather large area, then you get scoffed at. Critics are only footnotes in the stories of successful people, because if the critics are right, they rightly get no mention.

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