Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peter Hitchens Book

The ten commandments are a thorn in my side and hinders my plan to be the sole source of good? WTF?

How stupid is that? If I draw a picture of a horse my great great grandkids are doomed as God will visit the iniquity of my sins on to even the 4th generation, is somehow a thorn in my side? Seriously? The ten commandments are barbaric, and just because he "can say so" doesn't mean he's right in so saying.

Chris Hitches buys into a lot of insane nonsense and God just happens to not be one of them. However defending Communism (back in the day) or right wing neoconservatism today are not far from the same general failures of logic. A plague on both their houses for various reasons but largely Peter seems to be a little slow on the uptick.

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