Sunday, May 10, 2009

Duke Nukem Forever: A ray of hope.

For those of you who haven't grown up in the Duke Nukem Forever age, it's a piece of Vapor Ware that's been "in development" "until it's done" for 12 years. I was 15 when they started. And it's finally died.

Well, that makes this the first time in my adult life I've had any hope that they will finish... since they died. Seriously, bankrupt companies sometimes let their projects out to the public. And though, sadly, Duke Nukem is still a marketable project which lowers the odds it wouldn't be too hard to put the game together as an actual free unpaid project put together by gamers. For example, Black Mesa is a rather massive project making the original half-life game in the Half-Life 2 engine. It isn't too far out of the realm of possibilities to put whatever story charts and sound effects they have into a good Duke Nukem game. There are good SDKs out there and using game engines such as HL2 is permitted for free mods of games (because you need the engine itself).

I'm just saying, it's a sad thing when the odds of finishing a game go up after the company dies.


Sparrowhawk said...

As Gordon Ramsay would say, "Thank fuck for that!"

I can finally stop hearing about this stupid game. Seriously how long can it take to make a stupid Duke Nukem game? Were they working on getting the strippers' tits just right or something? Just record some one-liners from Duke, license the Unreal 3 Engine or something, make a cheesy game and call it Duke, people won't care. Ah well...

Tatarize said...

There were a number of serious management problems and they actually were akin to what you suggest. They wanted to get the stripper-tits perfect before they moved on to other things. So they would do and redo the stripper-tits over and over again... neglecting the fact that it doesn't matter unless you have the rest of the game done.

You need to code it all up without any detailed graphics at all before moving on to other things. Just wire frame the entire game and then do the other stuff.