Sunday, December 17, 2006

Panphones to cure ToTs.

A few years ago, there was a study conducted on ToTs, tip-of-the-tongue that concluded that the phenomenon was when the brain knew the word but couldn't access the proper phonemes the word had to vocalize the word. One popular strategy to resolving this problem that I personally use is to run through the alphabet in my head until something clicks. A better solution would be to memorize a short phrase with every phoneme in English within it.

The good cat just found grizzly bear poo.
Sharks having lawyers chose, why marry you?

Not quite perfect, but most are there. Actually kind of hard to make one up. Rhyming would help, but a needed part of rhyming is to introduce a duplicate phoneme.


Arlo Barnes said...

It is difficult, but people are clever (they do lipogrammatic novels, after all). I would love to see a library of panphones appropriate for different situations; it would also be useful for testing speech synthesis just like pangrams are useful for font samples!

Tatarize said...

Yeah, part of the problem is that it needs to check all the pronunciations and find words that are pronounced the same for everybody. Words have different phonemes in different regions. So the problem turned out to be harder than I supposed it. Though I didn't even manage a regionally correct one for myself.